Duct tape wallet

Posted on Wed, 05 Dec 2007 4:39 PM
About 30 minutes long
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Ok, so you have tried the duct tape purse but now you want a wallet. In this episode I will show you how to make your very own duct tape wallet. You will see that it is so easy you will want to make one for every person that you know. And, I didn't make the wallet outside in the wind so the video will be much more to the point and less of a comedy. So, gather up these supplies:

  • duct tape
  • rotary cutter
  • cutting mat
  • scissors
  • acrylic ruler

I have found colored duct tape at the local crafts stores. You can also find regular duct tape at your local hardware store. The other supplies can also be found at your local craft or quilting shop.

**Looking for the e-book for this episode? Well, look no further! There isn't one. That's the great thing about being your own boss and doing things "your way" you can change your mind when it pleases you. Well, after spending hours on the e-book (when I really wanted to do other things) I decided I DIDN'T WANT TO DO IT ANYMORE! Done. No book. Hurray, more time for crafting!**