Subscribe to the Podcast

Podcast? Subscribe? Huh?
A "podcast" is an audio or video program that is automatically downloaded to your computer once you've "subscribed" to it with an appropiate application. (such as iTunes) A podcast really isn't any different than any other television or radio program - it's just delivered differently.
To subscribe, you'll need an application that supports auto-downloading podcasts. iTunes is the most well-known, and is very easy to use. If you don't know a podcast from a pine cone, start with iTunes.

Subscribe in iTunes:

  1. Click here to launch iTunes and bring up the Crafted by Us podcast.
  2. Click the "Subscribe" button. iTunes will automatically start downloading the most recent episode.


Subscribe with another feedreader:

If you have a favorite feedreader that you use and it supports podcasts, just subscribe to the podcast with this URL: