May 03, 2011

Busy with Encaustic

Just this last weekened I was a vendor at the Country Chicks show just south of Olympia. This was a last minute event for me and although I have plenty of inventory I wanted to make a few new things just for this event. I decided on a few encaustic collages with a shabby chic/vintage feel and a few re-purposed vintage jewelry necklaces. Both were fun to make.



This one below turned out to be one of my favorites even though I wasn't in love with it to start. It always suprises me how I can start working on a piece and bit by bit it evolves and turns into something I like. That, I think, is one of the greatest things about making stuff.

My husband worked in my space on Saturday while I took my youngest daughter to a volleyball tournament so I am not sure how many of these sold. I am sure I have a few left which is good since I have the perfect spot on the wall in my kitchen for them!

Sep 05, 2010

Finished Encaustic Collages

Here are photos of a few pieces that I finished. All of them started with the burnt glue technique that I mentioned in my previous post. Isn't it amazing how different each one turned out?



I just love the texture the wax creates. I have made several with a smooth finish but the more I work with it the more I like the rough, bumpy texture. It just asks to be touched. And I love to touch stuff like this.

I made this one with lace and fabric I purchased from an estate sale. I gathered the lace with my fingers and then nailed it into my wood. Love it.






And finally, this last one was created by adding black oil paint over the surface of the burnt glue. Isn't it cool? I love that you can see the grid in places and not in others. And of course I love the texture. In case you are wondering, those are paper beads embedded into the wax. It's too bad you can't get a true sense for the piece through just looking at it online, it is so much better in person. I like this one so much that I am keeping it for myself. Podcast coming soon.

May 04, 2010

Encaustic Flower Collage

Once again Michelle shows you a project where you get to melt stuff! This time we will melt wax. Using some very basic materials and techniques, Michelle shows you how to make two wax collages featuring flowers. To follow along with this show, gather these supplies:

  • Encaustic wax in clear a white colors
  • Brush to use just for wax - not synthetic
  • Heat source to melt wax
  • Heat gun
  • Substrate - I used wood squares
  • Oil paint
  • Various scraps of scrapbook paper
  • Paper towels
  • Linseed oil
  • Scissors
  • Carving tool - I used a bamboo skewer

Are you interested in the book I mentioned? Check out my bookstore for that book as well as all the others I have discussed in my shows.

Visit my online storewhere you will find some wax art materials.




Visit Daniel Smith for other encaustic supplies as well as brushes and oil paint. I love the variety of materials they offer!

Oh, and if you want to find the magazines I showed you, check out Cloth Paper Scissors and Somerset Studio.

Jan 25, 2010

Experimenting with Encaustic

I have been melting a little wax lately in my studio, trying to see what I can do with it. I really love the depth and texture that are created when images and paper are covered and textured with wax. I initially thought I would spend a day working on several different boards, just experimenting. But, one thing I realized is that it takes me a lot longer to work with the wax than I thought it would. Instead of having 5 or 6 different pieces/experiments, I was only able to do two. One is very ugly. I like the other one well enough for a first try. I really love the way it feels.



I think my next podcast will be about how to make something like this. Well, about how I make something like this. I am sure there are a ton of different ways to achieve the same technique.