Unfurling, A Mixed-Media Workshop with Misty Mawn: Inspiration and Techniques for Self-Expression through Art

Posted on Thu, 10 May 2012 3:14 AM



First, I need to start out by saying that I have seen Misty Mawn, the author of this book, creating art in person. While watching her sketch and draw I thought, "this is what a real artist looks like when they are making something." I just felt like I was watching something that I wouldn't see that often in my lifetime. She was making something in a setting with about 20 other artists, but she stood out. RIght then I decided that if I ever had the chance to take a class with her I would. I was also kicking myself for not taking a class with her when I previously had the chance. Sigh. 


Shortly after this I was at my local bookstore and ran across her book. I'm not sure if it was newly published or not, but it was certainly new to me. I grabbed it as quick as I could and almost ran out the store to start reading it. I figured if I couldn't take a class from her right now, then her book was the next best thing.

I was right.

Misty's book has some fabulous photos of her work and equally fabulous project photos so that I could try the projects and techniques. I love the narrative in this book too. Throughout the whole book, Misty's writing encourages us to try her projects and techniques, never once suggesting that what she does is out of reach for those of us aspiring to learn and become better artists.



I also love that she includes a variety of mediums and project ideas. By doing this she shows that even serious artists can have varied interests. I especially think this is important because too often we are told that we must "stick to one thing" and become and expert at that thing. I think being creative means learning and trying new things. Misty's book gives us plenty of opportunity for that.



If you would like to order this book it can easily be found on Amazon.