Mixed-Media Girls with Suzi Blu Book Review Part I

Posted on Mon, 19 Nov 2012 2:16 AM

Suzi Blu Book


I have long been a Suzi Blu fan. I have taken two or three of her online classes with very good results. When I saw her book on the shelf I picked it up to purchase without even looking inside. I figured if it was by Suzi Blu it would be good. This review will be from the perspective of someone who is familiar with Suzi Blu and her class style. 

First Impressions

I want to run home and start working through some of these exercises right away! The cover of the book is bold and bright. If possible, the inside pages are even bolder and brighter.

The book will teach you how to draw a face that actually looks like a face! Imagine that. Before taking a class from Suzi I felt lost in the face drawing department. She clearly explains how to draw eyes (very important) and how to add to your eyes to make a face. Once you have this down you can move on to the other things she teaches you, from creating backgrounds and texture, to using your faces in your own pieces of art.

I kind of feel like this book is several of Suzi's classes in one place. I like that I now have a resource to go to for all the information. While taking classes I had to print out the info and try to keep it organized. I found it to be confusing at times. Now, I can follow her in-depth directions without having to flip through my papers or find a particular spot in a video. While I now have a one-stop place to go for info, I do miss the "handmade" nature of Suzi's notes. The instructions in this book are typed and uniform, not nearly as interesting as Suzi's handwriting and doodles.

Once I have a chance to review the DVD I will complete this review with a part II. In the meantime, I think this book is worth every penny even before checking out the DVD. Once again, Suzi rocks!

If you are interested in this book it is available for purchase in my bookstore through Amazon.