Fabric/Fiber and Book Charms

Posted on Sun, 11 Jan 2009 2:50 PM

Last month I participated in two swaps hosted by Amber Dawn of Inventive Soul. One swap was a fabric/fiber charm swap and the other swap was for book charms. While the fabric charm swap was challenging, the book charm swap was a bit more challenging (and rewarding.) If you have ever tried to make a book smaller than 1.5 inches, then you know what I mean. Here are photos of the charms that I received (mine are in there too.)


Besides me, the fabric and fiber charms were made by Amber Dawn, Brenda Wampler, Jackie Herman, and Jan Hamill.





Besides me, the book charms were made by Amber Dawn, Rose Momsen, Rashel Rahming, Christine Hansen, and Ellen Gray.

If you are interested in joining a charm swap, I recommend checking out the International Artistic Charms Exchange group. I have participated in several swaps with this group and have never been dissapointed.