Change of Direction

Posted on Fri, 04 Oct 2013 2:40 AM

Do you ever work on something for a long time and then realize that it just isn't going to work out? Well, that's how I feel about the Chevron Necklace video. I have had so much trouble with it that I'm finally throwing in the towel. While recording the show, my camera battery died once and my memory card was full at another point. I didn't realize that this had happened until I tried to edit the video. Even then, I had hopes that I could salvage it. I finally finished it and watched it one more time to make sure it was ok. **Chuckle** It wasn't ok. I'm going to have to move on to the next video. The content for the necklace may very well be a starting point for my first written tutorial, but I'm not promising anything yet.

But don't worry! I have more shows coming. I have two recorded and ideas for several more. After moving this summer I'm finally feeling like I'm back in my groove. Thanks goodness! Here are a few photos of show work in progress. Can you get what they are?