Baby Steps

Posted on Wed, 27 Feb 2013 7:06 AM



OK, so about a month or two ago someone broke into our house and stole some stuff, including my computer. Of course going through the hassle of getting a new computer was a pain, but what was worse was thinking about the work that was lost on my old computer. I had two completed shows and one almost finished. Yes, I back up my computer but not the video files because they are so large! This loss of work and my computer has taken me some time to get over. I'm not sure why. I keep thinking that I just need to start working but then I can't bring myself to do it. It's unreasonable and hard to explain. So today I've decided I need to get back into my normal routine even if it requires baby steps to start. I figure baby steps are better than no steps. And I have hope that once I get started again I'll be back to where I was before in no time. So I'm off to paint a bit. Hopefully a new show will come soon!