Another 1/2 Marathon - Hillbilly Half by Guerilla Running

Posted on Tue, 13 Mar 2012 5:01 AM

Last week I ran another 1/2 marathon, the Hillbilly Half Marathon hosted by Guerilla Running (love this group!) This one was a trail run through Capitol Forest located between my hometown of McCleary and Olympia. It had snowed a few days before the race so the course was super slippery with snow.

I only fell three times. Three times flat on my front covered in snow and water and mud.


This is a view of some runners coming up on the trail through the trees. The ground looks muddy but it is actually tons of mud and snow and water.

Here you can see the trail running along the side of the mountain. It was so pretty!

Ok, so I had to take a picture of me on the way back down. My goal for this race was to finish strong and without injury. That's exactly what I did. It felt so good. I tell you what, I would moan and groan every Sunday morning when I had to get up early for our training runs but it was so worth it. There's nothing like the feeling of running through the woods. If you have ever thought you should start running but can't get yourself to run on the road give trail running a try. It's a completely different experience, not only for your mind but your body too.