Jan 30, 2012

Finished Piece for Bathroom

I finally finished up the piece I had been painting for our newly remodeled bathroom.

Here it is in progress....

Here it is finished

Here it is on the bathroom wall. Finished!

Jan 27, 2012

Painting in Progress for the Newly Remodeled Bathroom

We have recently remodeled our main bathroom and it was in desperate need of artwork. The closest thing we have to artwork in our house are giant school maps hanging on the wall, not a good choice for the bathroom. I thought we might buy something but even the cheepo decorator stuff was more than what I wanted to pay. Of course I decided I should just make something myself. After all I was sure that I had plenty of materials.


I chose this old (and super ugly!) picture to paint over. It was just the right size. After seeing a "circles" type painting in the department store I got to work on my own circles/flowers painting. This is the first step. Believe it or not I actually put in a lot of time on this. Painting so many circles is time consuming. I'll post photos tomorrow of the finished piece. I also can't wait to hang it in the bathroom and share photos of the newly remodeled bathroom.

Jan 22, 2012

This Time with Watercolor

I decided to try painting again but this time with watercolor. First I sketched out my image in pencil. Because the last face I drew looks so creepy I decided to draw a different face rememberinng to space my eyes better.

Then I just start painting with my watercolor paints. I tried to paint lightest to darkest but that makes things a bit more difficult for me. With acrylic paint I don't really plan what I am going to paint as much but with watercolor I really have to think about what colors I am going to use and where before I start. It really makes me think differently when painting.

After I had the painting the way I wanted it I went back over my lines with a fine point black pen. I like how this technique looks.

Jan 19, 2012

A Little Painting on a Snowy Day

I spent part of yesterday painting. The other day I ran across a painting by Sunny Carvalho where she painted a background and then drew an image over it. She then painted over the area not contained within the lines of her images. Very cool. With all of my paints out I thought I would give this technique a try.

Here is my background. So far so good. Now I needed to decide what image I would draw over it. I decided to use some Suzi Blu images that I have from her La La La La class I am taking.

I didn't trace the images, just looked at them and then drew them the best I could. My face doesn't look much like Suzi's. The eyes are too close together. I also added the mushrooms. I figured the bird needed something to sit on. Here is where I veered away from what Sunny did. I started to paint over the background but then found myself painting over the background in the images too! I realized that leaving the background inside of something like a flower was cool but leaving it inside a face wasn't as cool for me. So I painted over that too.


At this point I decided my girl looked too old. So I decided to "fix" it. The last photo shows the last changes but I am not sure if it is any better, just different. It's a learning process. A fun learning process.

Jan 18, 2012

A Big Compliment and a Blue Backyard

Ok, so neither one of these things has to do with crafting, but I promise the crafting bit is coming! So, you may remember that I was raising some pigs? Well, on Friday we took them in to be butchered. That is where I received one of the biggest compliments I have gotten in a long time. The guys running the shop helped us onload the pigs and as we were herding them into their stall for the night he says, "those are some nice looking hogs." Nice looking hogs! Yes. He said that. I was thrilled. I think it is funny that I reacted that way. So, not only do I get to enjoy his compliment but I get a chuckle too! Nice hogs. Who knew I could raise nice hogs?



This one sees me with food and is making a bee line to me. I think she is more curious than hungry. One of the things I learned doing this is that pigs are very curious.



This is the other pig eating from the wood trough that she layed in and broke. Something else we learned, pigs will walk on anything so make sure it is sturdy enough to hold hundreds of pounds.


These pictures were taken 5 days ago. Check out the view from my back door this morning. I am thankful that I don't have to go out and feed the pigs.


Yes, it was blue. I love it when it snows and the sun is just coming up. What a pretty picture. Again, I am thankful that I can look out my backdoor to this view. Because of the weather, school has been cancelled. For some that may mean less work is done, but for me that means more. Without having to go to basketball practice in the middle of the day and with a bit of company from my daughter, I find it much easier to get work done. Yesterday I finished recording the next show and I made a felt scarf and the start of a felt wallhanging. I'll post photos soon.

Jan 09, 2012

Nose to the grindstone

Well, it's a new year and it is time for me to get back to work. I had a great time in New York over the holiday.


Here we are with George Stephanopoulos outside of the Good Morning America studio. We just got lucky and happened to be in the right place at the right time. I can't wait to show you better photos though of the Lion Brand store window dislpay. Love it!

I was also able to spend some time at home with my family. I already have a new show started and hope to have it finished by the end of the week. I also will start sorting through my email and responding to those of you who have emailed me over my break. Thanks for your patience!

Dec 13, 2011

Off to New York City


We are off to New York City for a week. Goodbye to obligations and hello to a bit of shopping, museum hopping, show and site seeing fun!


Dec 08, 2011

New Crafting Supplies!

I recently purchased some new crafting supplies. I know I know, I don't need any more. But..... well, I do. Maybe. You see, I have realized that I want to use rub-ons for my encaustic (wax) collages. But, they are so dang expensive. And I never seem to have the right one. The problem has been solved.


I bought a ton of rub-ons from Daisy Bucket at a great price. I was also able to purchase some new stamps and paper. I don't really need more paper (have I mentioned I have thousands of sheets of it for sale?) but it came with the package. I can't wait to get working on some new projects with these rub-ons.

Dec 03, 2011

New Suzi Blu Class - La La La 2012

So I signed up for another Suzi Blu class. If you have never taken a class from her I highly recommend it. She is not stingy at all in sharing her ideas and techniques. Before I had ever taken one of her classes I was afraid to even try to draw a face. And now, well I just keep practicing (without fear!) Also, the other techniques she shares about painting, drawing with pencils, adding texture are great. Even better, the classes are affordable!

Here is a start of a drawing that I am doing as part of the class. For some reason the face is blotchy. In one of Suzi's videos she says to be sure to blend pencil colors to avoid this but I can't seem to get it right yet. I'll keep practicing.

Nov 29, 2011

Etsy Etsy Etsy


I have been telling myself for over a year that I need to post new items on etsy on a regular basis. But, I think I am about as successful at this as some people are at dieting. I start out full force and within days I am in a slump. Right now though, I AM IN FULL FORCE! I have added several new items in my easy shop all for $15.00 or less. And, I have a bunch more to list in the next few days.

Oh, and I have started a new class with Suzi Blu. I'll post more about that tomorrow!